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Each month, I host the 'Band Jam Experience' day. A day that is incredibly rewarding for students. This is where I group students together of similar ability and they get to perform the songs that they have been learning in a live band. I meet a lot of people that would eventually like to jam with other musicians but have no idea where to start... this is the perfect tool to build their confidence and musicianship skills in a non-pressured environment. The live band consists of myself and local professional drummers and singers who are there to help the students progress. Who doesn't want to be a rockstar for a day?


The 'Band Jam Experience' days act as an amazing tool for students to work on their musicianship skills. As years of experience has taught, the best way to improve as a musician is by playing and learning from others. There is nothing more rewarding than playing the music you love with other musicians.


The 'Band Jam Experience' days are a fantastic pay off for students who have been working hard in their guitar lessons. The experience day assists in building confidence in students giving them the ability to feel comfortable playing with and in front of people. The workshops allow students to become comfortable playing at open mic nights or even starting their own band. 


I host a variety of different workshops. From the 'Beginners Electric Guitar Workshop' to the 'Acoustic Jam Workshop' and even through to the 'AC/DC Day' and 'Improvisation Challenge'. I have a collective of professional musicians that sit in with students on the jam days. From drummers to singers, we all work together passing on knowledge to enhance the learning experience. 


There is something for everyone, no matter age or ability. As a teacher, there is nothing more fulfilling than watching your students grow as musicians and make friends along the way!

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